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I'm trying to install my iPhone application on my device for testing and whenever I try to build it I get:

The executable was signed with invalid entitlements

The entitlements specificed in your application's Code Signing Entitlements do not match those specified in your provisioning profile.

Now I've tried adding an Entitlements.plist file and both checking and unchecking get-task-allow. I've added the file name under Code Signing Entitlements under the project and then under the target, both, neither, etc. I've deleted and re-created every application id, provisioning profile, and certificate. Those all seem valid. This is not an ad-hoc distribution (it's development) and it's not a jailbroken phone.

Where in the provisioning profile are any Code Signing Entitlements specified?

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I posted an answet that worked for me here, check it to see if it works for you too… – Wytchkraft Aug 30 '11 at 19:21

I solved this issue by copying my project to a different spot, creating a new project and then re-copying the previous project files into the new project.

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I followed all the steps given in the Apple provisioning portal properly to make my application working on iPhone. I also rebooted my machine, and created a new project to test. It was not working for me. I was getting the same error every time.

Then I re-installed Xcode. Then it worked for me. I successfully ran my application on my iPhone...

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