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I'm using C# DLL in a VC++ application. I have some details in VC++ like


I have to pass these to C# DLL. So I made one structure in VC++, then I pass that to C#. But I couldn't do that. Please help me.

VC++ Function:

struct SCS3OverVwPg
 __int32 iOvrPgNo;      
 char sOvrPgTitle[30]; //OverView Page Title

void CToolTab::SendOverview()
    SCS3OverVwPg *pOverVw = 0;
    pOverVw = new SCS3OverVwPg;    

C# function:

public struct SCS3Over
    Int32 iOvrPgNo;
    char[] sOvrPgTitle;

public void SetTree(SCS3Over x)
  MessageBox.Show("Data received");          


If I do like this, it shows the error

error C2664: 'Tabcontrol::ToolBar::SetTree' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'SCS3OverVwPg *' to 'SCS3Over'

If I change name in C# DLL to SCS3OverwPg, it shows error of structure redifinition. Please help me.

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Is your C++ code written in C++/CLI or plain C++? –  Timo Geusch Apr 15 '10 at 6:34
In VS2008,MFC application –  Anu Apr 15 '10 at 7:03

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I will have to assume you are using managed C++...

Instead of redeclaring the struct in managed C++, just reference the struct type from the C# assembly, and use that when calling the function.

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