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I am drawing strings in a rectangular frame. The string is drawing perfectly. Now I need to write test cases using sentesting kit. I have no ideas from where I should start. For help I have also seen the iPhone sample calculator application

But still out of sorts.

Any body having ideas please help.



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Please stop creating redundant tags. OCUnit is SenTestingKit. See stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/ocunit. –  KennyTM Apr 15 '10 at 7:31

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GUI drawing code is often hard to test. In your case it depends how you draw your string. If you draw it into a custom view by using the -(void)drawRect: method and therein just drawing your NSString (I suppose), then I do not think your can test that this drawing happend properly. If you use a separate view like a UITextLabel you could test for its existance by using STAssertNotNil. You could also check the proper positioning by checking the view's bounds.

If you need more help, please be a bit more specific and adding clean code would help.

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