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I am trying to get this script to work. it opens up a directry and lists the files in the directory. I have copied this code from somewhere else and the problem is that this php file is hosted on an apache server not my localhost. what is the correct $dir_name = "c:/"; to use?

The file is in this directory /domains/domainxxxx.com.au/public_html/lsitfiles.php so would I use domainxxxx.com.au/public_html/lsitfiles.php ?


$dir_name = "c:/";

$dir = opendir($dir_name);

$file_list = "<ul>";

while ($file_name = readdir($dir)) {
    if(($file_name != ".") && (file_name != "..")) {
    $file_list .= "<li>$file_name"; 

$file_list.= "<ul>";




<p>Files in: <? echo "$dir_name"; ?></p>
<? echo "$file_list"; ?>

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Depends which folder you want to scan.

Obviously, you cannot scan any folder on client's computer. I guess you know that.

If you want to scan folder where the script resides it's best to use:

$dir_name = dirname(__FILE__);
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Brilliant thanks, works a treat! –  Jacksta Apr 15 '10 at 8:47

$dir_name is the folder you want to scan. Where you upload your script, you can specify the folders there from using absolute or relative paths upward and backward eg ../foldername or myfolder/myfolder2.

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The file is in this directory /domains/domainxxxx.com.au/public_html/lsitfiles.php so would i use domainxxxx.com.au/public_html/lsitfiles.php ? –  Jacksta Apr 15 '10 at 8:39
Maybe first tell us WHICH folder you want to scan? The folder where script resides? Home folder on server? –  Tomasz Struczyński Apr 15 '10 at 8:42
Thanks guys problem solved with other answer! –  Jacksta Apr 15 '10 at 8:48

Depends on OS. In Linux it would be '/'. P.S. If server is configured properly, you should not be able to read '/' (or 'c:/').

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