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I am searching for a Tooltip plugin/library for JQuery. It should be able to automaticlly position tooltips, like TipTip, and also support HTML content for the tips.

TipTip does fullfill both conditions, but:

Added HTML support with Tip Tip. You can now add HTML into the Title attribute (though this is not recommended if you want strictly valid code).

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I believe this one does. For instance, this demo shows an image. You could easily have a bodyHandler that retrieves the HTML from an attribute on the element. For instance

<a href="whatever" data-tooltip="This is a <strong>marked up</strong> tooltip">foo</a>

That's perfectly valid HTML, and the bodyHandler would look something like

return this.attr("data-tooltip"));
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This sould be the accepted answer now as the link in the marked answer is dead. – Zappa Dec 8 '12 at 7:01

I didn't want to leave jquery native plugin and mess with additional libs, so I figured out quite simple solution:

        content: function(){
            return $(this).attr('title');

This way - your title attribute with HTML may be used successfully.

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I like TipTip a lot. The "title" field usage is awkward, but you don't have to do that:

content: string (false by default) - HTML or String to use as the content for TipTip. Will overwrite content from any HTML attribute.


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This tooltip widget included in the jQuery UI library supports different automatic positions and HTML in the title attribute:

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