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I have an error in my GXT code on Internet Explorer (both Development Mode and not) when i try to attach a label to a panel. The error is "Unknown runtime error number: -2146827687" but this error in a GWT module is throws always, in other gwt modules with a label attached to the panel the error there isn't.

The layout of panel is a GridFormLayout developed by me. The error is thrown when the renderComponentInCell is called (the method is called on doLayout) and the component is not rendered (else condition).

private void renderComponentInCell(Component component, Element cell) {   
    if (component.isRendered()) {
    } else {

What can I do?

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It's a jsni or javascript exception somewhere in the layout method of your component. I see these from time to time and I always fine that Firefox throws them also, they just get eaten someplace.

I bet if you compile your module using pretty, and then debug through the layout using Firebug or Venkman, you will find a null pointer or such in the JS code.

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That's probably -1 being misformatted during output.

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Sorry, I don't understand what do you mean –  Simone Vellei Apr 15 '10 at 10:15
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