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In a nutshell my split tests aren't tracking conversions at all.

My A/B pages are on http://www.mydomain.com, and my conversion page is the last stage of my shopping cart on https://secure.mydomain.com.

I thought the most concise way of explaining this would be to post my page source code:


To summarize, the pages are being displayed correctly in my test report, but no conversions are being tracked.

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You seem to have everything configured correctly, I wish I could say I spotted an error for you. Have you tried reading through the Techie Guide? google.com/websiteoptimizer/techieguide.pdf –  Chuck Jun 11 '10 at 10:02

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The problem may be occurring because your shopcart page is on a separate subdomain. Follow the GWO instructions for cross-domain tracking and see if this helps:


It may be as simple as adding this line of code to your conversion and tracking scripts:


Having the "." in there is important as it allows for all of the subdomains underneath your primary to be tracked, as well.

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