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I would like to get collection or list of Item objects, but I get array of arrays now.

Item[][] s = employees.Select(e => e.Orders.Select(o => new Item(e.ID, o.ID)).ToArray()).ToArray();

Can anyone select me solution to do it?

P.S. just LinQ solution :)

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You need to use SelectMany to concatenate result sets.

var items = employees.SelectMany(e => e.Orders.Select(o => new Item(e.ID, o.ID)));
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For what it's worth, this can be written somewhat more succinctly and clearly in LINQ syntax:

var s = from e in employees
        from o in e.Orders
        select new Item(e.ID, o.ID);
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While I agree with this, instead of changing the syntax used, I would have argued that Orders should have a reference back to Employee and there is no need for Item. – Nick Larsen Apr 15 '10 at 11:43
+1. Note that this syntax is actually translated into SelectMany. Use whatever you find more readable. The generated code is exactly the same. – nikie Apr 15 '10 at 14:57

The extension method you're looking for is called "SelectMany":

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Have a look at Enumerables.SelectMany(), see the example in this Stack Overflow question.

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