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I have a situation which seems a bit different from others I've seen. For clarrification, this isn't the normal question eg; something like IAClass maps to AClass etc - that involves using basically a single concrete classes per interface.

This involves having a single generic class, but I want to be able to load ALL possible usages of it.

Eg - the main class is of

public class MyClass<TDomainObject> : IMyClass<TDomainObject> 
     where TDomainObject : DomainObject

So example usages would be

IMyClass<Person> p = new MyClass<Person>;
IMyClass<Employer> p = new MyClass<Employer>;

I.e. for all DomainObjects I would like to be able to load a MyClass<> for. So you can see I don't use a specific class for each declaration, they all use the same one.

How would I get this loaded into StructureMap?

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That's actually the more straightforward use of generics.


If you are using an older version of Structuremap, substitute the more verbose ForRequestType and TheDefaultIsConcreteType.

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That's a really useful tip. I had no clue StructureMap could handle generics this way. –  Tragedian Apr 15 '10 at 12:39

After some searching, I found out that you can use the auto register feature on Structuremap 2.5+ with generics over conventions, just like you could do with non-generics.

Just create your container like:

return new Container(x =>
            x.Scan(y =>
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