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I've seening quite a few posts on here regarding grids, but nothing specifically asking for a free grid component that supports editing. Has any body come across such a thing? Is there a JQuery pluggin that I could use?

If not has anybody got any pointers on a good approach to writing my own (using asp.net mvc2 and/or jquery)?

Thanks in advance!

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Note that the jQuery plugins, extjs, YUI etc are completely independent of the backend technology. –  James Westgate Apr 15 '10 at 12:31

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Flexigrid is very good. It behaves very nicely with MVC because it is entirely set up with scripting an d the data is retrieved through JSON, so it lends itself well to MVC.

Also, the JQuery Grid from triand is free and works nicely. Here is the demo page They also have a commercial MVC version, but the standard ASP.NET one works okay in MVC as well.

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