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I'm trying to bind the following shortcut: Ctrl + W to close tabs

How can you customize VS to add/change shortcuts? Also, what are the most useful shortcuts you guys have found?

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Tools > Options > (Show all settings), then Environment > Keyboard.

Here, rebind the key “File.Close” to Ctrl+W.

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I keep a link to Jeff's shortcuts page, and refer to it to learn the shortcuts for all tasks I find myself regularly doing. I also use VisualAssist, and use a lot of:

  • toggling between .h and .cpp files (yes, I code in C++ :) ) (Alt-o);
  • going to the definition of sthing (Alt-g).
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VS 2005/2008 Keybinding posters:

These don't cover customizations but they're good reference materials and definitely helpful for finding new shortcuts.

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Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard

I find most of them useful TBH!

Commenting, Bookmarking, Incremental Search, etc etc.

The one you want to override by the way is Window.CloseDocumentWindow which defaults to CTRL+F4

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Ctrl-Shift-Space shows the syntax/overloads for the current function you are typing parameters for.

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