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i.e. as I compose my test suites to include other suites as well as test cases, is there a global count of how many tests the TestRunner has executed, will be executing?

Any way I can progammatically access that count?

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Why would you want something like this ? A test method needing to know the population count of other tests. Some context would be helpful.. – Gishu Nov 5 '08 at 8:13
Agreed, this does sound like the beginnings of a particularly nasty testing smell. Context would help allay my fears. – Jim Burger Nov 5 '08 at 9:11

not sure about how many it has executed, but couldn't you check how many total tests using self.methods.grep(/test_/)?

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Test::Unit::TestSuite#size may be helpful.

Test::Unit::TestCase#size probably isn't, as it returns 1.

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