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I would like to change the order of names from Last, First to First Last. I don't know the REGEXP and the php syntax for it.

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You could just use:

$name = "Lastname, Firstname";
$names = explode(", ", $name);
$name = $names[1] . " " . $names[0];
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To a noobie, something that works seems like magic. Thanks! –  Gary Gauthier Apr 15 '10 at 15:13
return preg_replace('/^([^,]*),\s*(.*)$/', '$2 $1', $theString);
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I hate regular expressions.. You could always do something like

implode(' ',array_reverse(explode(' ,',$string)))

But I'm probably only suggesting that because it's the more intuitive way in Ruby, which I've recently dropped php for :)

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