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I'm trying to deserialize an xml structure that looks like this:


I can basically choose what kind if element to deserialize to, maybe something like a List of Pair or something. The essence here is that the element names are the keys.

And no, I cannot change the xml structure. Anyone know how to do this with xstream ?

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I have not used XStream in some time, but implicit collections probably does what you want.

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He'd end up with a list of key objects, but that seems like the logical transformation to me. – Caoilte May 20 '10 at 20:56
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I have found that a custom serializer is needed for this case, no way around it.


<node attr1="xxx">value1</node>

also needs a custom serializer.

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You might also consider doing an XSL transformation of the document to a normalized form before deserializing it. That would obviate the need for a custom serializer.

I guess the trade off is if it is easier to maintain a custom serializer or an XSL transformation step?

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Well then I'd have to do a 2 way transaformation and I suppose that makes custom serializer just as well. I'll keep it in my toolbox, though ;) – krosenvold Nov 16 '08 at 18:52

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