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how would i manage to install python's boto library on shared hosting?

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What kind of access do you have to your shared hosting? Can you access the box via SSH? What type of OS is on the box (Windows, Linux)? –  Tom Apr 15 '10 at 14:20
linux os. yes, i have ssh access –  user306694 Apr 15 '10 at 14:48
i just asked my hosting provider and he installed boto within minutes. great hosting –  user306694 Apr 16 '10 at 3:52

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Why install virtualenv? I would try:

easy_install boto


pip install boto

pip and easy_install are python tools for installing other packages. Who is your hosting service? If they have these utilities, using them would be the easiest route.


That link will tell you how to install pip and easy_install (because easy_install is part of the setup tools package) under a system that uses apt. Otherwise, look up instructions specific to your system.

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If it's shared hosting, he's unlikely to have access to install packages globally. –  Jeffrey Harris Apr 15 '10 at 19:51

If you can SSH in, then I would install virtualenv and install bobo in a virtual Python environment. It's surprisingly easy and fully featured.

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