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I have pretty stateful page with plenty of AJAX components. Most of these components have behaviors, which renders JavaScript code for calling AJAX requests to Java code. Because page isn't stateless, each request causes serialization of page. So far so good.

But some of these AJAX requests doesn't change page ever, so serialization of page isn't necessary. For example it is forward caching data for (home-brewed) datagrid component. These requests are calling continuously and serialization of page during each request causes delays.

There are some projects for stateless wicket components out there, e.g. wicket-stateless, but it solves another situation -- request of stateless components are processed on new instances of stateless pages. I want to process requests on existing stateful page instance but without serialization.

I have tried to implement this in my own RequestCycleProcessor.resolve(), but I hung on searching for page from requestParameters because Session.getPage() always touches page and it causes serialization after request processing.

  • Is there any example, idea, whatever for implementing this in Wicket?

Hope it's understandable :)

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This goes rather deeply into wicket, you might want to consider asking it on the mailinglists ( )

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Happened. So far without success, maybe my English isn't as good as it should. – mschayna Jun 1 '10 at 10:12

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