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I have a XMLDocument like:

<Folder name="test">
         <Folder name="test2">

I want only the folder´s, not the files. So, how to delete / manipulate the XML Document in c# to delete / remove ALL elements in the document?


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If you can use XDocument and LINQ, you can do

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(filename) // or XDocument.Parse(string)
doc.Root.Descendants().Where(e => e.Name == "File").Remove();

-- edited out an error

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To remove a node from an XMLDocument (see Jens' answer for remove node form XDocument)

XmlDocument doc = XmlDocument.Load(filename); // or XmlDocument.LoadXml(string)
XmlNodeList nodes = doc.SelectNodes("//file");
foreach(XmlNode node in nodes) {

Watch for the possible null exception if node.ParentNode is null.

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