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An error has occurred during local report processing.

An error has occured during report processing.

Query execution failed for dataset 'DataSet_XXXXX'

Server: The operation has been cancelled.

What the William H Gates is going on here?

I am trying to preview a report, that uses datasets which connect to ssas cubes, in the report designer.

I'm using SSRS2008 on xpsp3

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I changed the query to use a different dimension containing the same data and it works.

The number of dimensions used in the query was reduced from 3 to 2.

I guess by touching the other dimension it was creating a large dataset which in turn caused the error.

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You need to pull the report apart and run each query manually to find the failure.

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But a dataset only uses one query, so I know which query it is. –  adolf garlic Apr 22 '10 at 19:54
Then run that query outside the report. Try to replicate the same security context if you can. If you can't & the query succeeds then you know the problem is security related. If the query fails then you should get a meaningful error. What you have posted is too generic to diagnose. –  Kevin D. White Apr 22 '10 at 23:58
It's not security related. It is one particular query that is causing this. Am trying to ascertain what might be different about this particular query. –  adolf garlic Apr 28 '10 at 8:20

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