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For time profiler for XYZ, I can just run 'time XYZ', or if I have the source code in C/C++, I even can use gprof to get profiled results.

Is there any similar tool for memory usage?

  • Is there any tool I can use something like 'memory XYZ', to get info such as min/max/median memory usage?
  • What tool do you use for memory profile with C++/Objective C/C#/Java?
  • I thought about running top periodically to parse the results, is there any tool does something similar?

I mainly use Mac OS X, but Linux and Windows7 for regular basis, so cross platform would be better.

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For Windows, there is Rational Purify from IBM. Valgrind for Linux or Mac.

For Java you can use the Eclipse TPTP project, or the fabulous YourKit compiler.

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for what platform? for linux there is (works for any native binary) for java .net or mono there are framework specific memory profilers

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