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Basically what I want to do is display an email using javascript to bring the parts together and form a complete email address that cannot be visible by email harvesters.

I would like to take an email address eg info@thiscompany.com and break it to: $variable1 = "info"; $variable2 = "thiscompany.com";

All this done in PHP.

Regards, JB

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Try this one before you roll your own (it does a lot more):

function hide_email($email)

{ $character_set = '+-.0123456789@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz';

  $key = str_shuffle($character_set); $cipher_text = ''; $id = 'e'.rand(1,999999999);

  for ($i=0;$i<strlen($email);$i+=1) $cipher_text.= $key[strpos($character_set,$email[$i])];

  $script = 'var a="'.$key.'";var b=a.split("").sort().join("");var c="'.$cipher_text.'";var d="";';

  $script.= 'for(var e=0;e<c.length;e++)d+=b.charAt(a.indexOf(c.charAt(e)));';

  $script.= 'document.getElementById("'.$id.'").innerHTML="<a href=\\"mailto:"+d+"\\">"+d+"</a>"';

  $script = "eval(\"".str_replace(array("\\",'"'),array("\\\\",'\"'), $script)."\")"; 

  $script = '<script type="text/javascript">/*<![CDATA[*/'.$script.'/*]]>*/</script>';

  return '<span id="'.$id.'">[javascript protected email address]</span>'.$script;

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Thank you all for your insight, this is what I wanted to do: <script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript"> <!-- // hide from old browsers //variables var part_1 = "info"; var part_2 = "mycompany.com"; //output document.write('<a href=\"mailto:' + part_1 + '@' + part_2 + '\">'); document.write(part_1 + '@' + part_2); document.write('</a>'); // --> </script> I'm grateful to zaf, your solution does it perfectly. Thanks again, JB –  Jay Bee Apr 16 '10 at 8:46
list($variable1, $variable2) = explode('@','info@thiscompany.com');
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+1 for using list() :) –  James Burgess Apr 15 '10 at 16:44
@James - Thanks –  Brant Apr 16 '10 at 2:16
$parts = explode("@", $email_address);

Assuming that $email_address = 'info@thiscompany.com' then $parts[0] == 'info' and $parts[1] == 'thiscompany.com'

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You can use explode:

$email = 'info@thiscompany.com';

$arr = explode('@',$email);

$part1 = $arr[0]; // info
$part2 = $arr[1]; // thiscompany.com
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$email = "info@thiscompany.com";
$parts = explode("@", $email);
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How about a function for parsing strings according to a given format: sscanf. For example:

sscanf('info@thiscompany.com', '%[^@]@%s', $variable1, $variable2);
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