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I'm creating a sql select query for an access database, and receiving a circular reference error, because my alias name is the same as a column name in my expression. Here is the fragment of my query:

switch([CULET]='N','NONE', [CULET]='S', 'SMALL',[CULET]='VS','VERY SMALL', [CULET]='SL','  ',[CULET]='MD','  ') AS [Culet] 

This specific alias name is part of the requirements for the output. Is there any way to get around this without changing the alias name?


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Add the table name/alias to the field. Something like

Switch([Table1.CULET]='N','NONE',[Table1.CULET]='S','SMALL',[Table1.CULET]='VS','VERY SMALL',[Table1.CULET]='SL','  ',[Table1.CULET]='MD','  ') AS Culet
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thanks, that worked! –  user228058 Apr 15 '10 at 16:49

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