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I'm migrating a VSS repository to SVN and inadvertently included all of the _vti_cnf, *.scc files in the first check-in. I'd like to remove these from SVN. (Not permanently, of course - just in the HEAD). The application in question is quite large, and finding and deleting these files on a folder-by-folder basis will take forever.

Suggestions? There must be some obvious way to do this, but the proximity of the weekend is interfering with my higher brain functions.

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Jonas' answer should woirk fine. Maybe you are getting conflicts because you're deleting them on file system level, bypassing Subversion's control?

If you can use TortoiseSVN, the following works for me (=I get the necessary commands in the context menu):

  • Open a search window
  • Search for all the unwanted files
  • Select them in the list
  • Right-click
  • Select "TortoiseSVN" > "Delete"
  • Commit the changes


Usual disclaimer when giving version control advice, be careful, have backups, I'm not taking any responsibility etc. etc.

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Had a brain problem - was deleting folders and then attempting to delete the files they contained. Thx. (Easiest 10 points all day, I'll bet!) – David Lively Apr 15 '10 at 17:23

If you are running linux or Mac OS, you could go with find, like

$ find . -type d -name "_vti_cnf" -exec svn delete {} \;

I'm no more a SVN user (and never used VSS) though, so you may want to modify the command line and/or try with -print first.

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Unfortunately, I'm running Windows. Or fortunately, depending on your POV. =/ – David Lively Apr 15 '10 at 17:08
that'll be unfortunately then ;) – instanceof me Apr 15 '10 at 17:15
would this work for you ?… dir /B /S _vti_cnf then copy-paste the result into a text editor and add svn delete in front of each line (e.g. using a regex) – instanceof me Apr 15 '10 at 17:17

In a windows command prompt you can perform a recursive file search with 'for' and invoke 'svn delete' for each matching file,

C:\> for /r %i in (abc*def.sql) do svn delete %i

NB: Remember that in a batch file you'll need to replace %i with %%i.

To find out about all the other flags you can use with 'for' (it's the swiss army knife of searching and parsing) use the help command,

C:\> help for
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Can't you just grep (or some other operation that finds files) the *.scc files in a checked out version, delete them, and then commit?

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You'd think, wouldn't you? I've tried that but it appears to introduce conflicts for some reason. Perhaps I'm just losing my mind. – David Lively Apr 15 '10 at 17:03

Or use PowerShell:

Foreach ($file in Get-Childitem * -include "*.txt")
    svn del $

where *.txt is the wildcard and * specifies current directory where to look for the files to be deleted

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