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can't seem to get my seeds.rb file to run through the command "rake db:seed". I'm using netbeans and I'm a beginner to rails, so I could be doing something really simple and stupid =/. I know you're meant to put your seeds.rb file in the db directory but netbeans doesn't seem to have one or might have renamed it... any help out there?

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The rake task db:seed will load the Rails environment and then load and execute the file db/seeds.rb.

If you do not have a file db/seeds.rb, then make one (and if necessary make the db directory too).

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yeah I've added in and everything and now when I try and run the "rake db:seed" command it complains about there being no such method... quite confusing... =/ –  louddwarf Apr 15 '10 at 17:29

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