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I am building a Zend Framework application that performs jobs submitted by the user. The actions taken need to be logged to a database. I would like to correlate the job with its log entries.

Instead of creating my own logging class, I would like to extend Zend_Log since it provides 99% of the functionality that I need. All I need to do is add a foreign key of the job id to the log data model.

Is this possible?

I'm also looking for a good example of Zend_Log writing to a database. I haven't searched SO yet. I will do that after I post this.

Thanks in advance...


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Have a look at github.com/markushausammann/monitorix. –  markus Feb 6 '12 at 0:38

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It's certainly possible to extend Zend_Log. The framework's code is open, and pretty clean. In the easiest case, you should be able to get going by creating a class in a new file that extends Zend_Log.

Maybe one of our resident ZF experts can elaborate with more detailed info on how to do this in practice.

I'm also looking for a good example of Zend_Log writing to a database

Zend_Log already has a database connector. See here for an example.

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