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I've just got the new Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Javascript Intellisense is not working on .aspx/.ascx files inside blocks. It does work on external .js files.

After VS2010 setup, it asked me if I wanted to import the settings from previous VS version (I have VS2008 SP1 installed), I say yes. I've tried resetting the settings like explained here. Didn't work.

I've also installed Resharper 5. I thought it might be conflicting, so I tried suspending it like it says here. Didn't work.

Anyone experiencing the same issue? I really want javascript/jQuery intellisense =(

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Just to let you know that those guy's who use master pages can use the following on the master page to enable jquery intellisense:

<% if (false)
   { %>
   <script src='/Scripts/jquery-1.6.2-vsdoc.js' type="text/javascript"></script>
<% } %>
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It's fixed.

I reset the settings again and restarted Visual Studio and now it's working.

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This did not work for me :(. Any other solution? – Bat_Programmer Oct 5 '11 at 0:06

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