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do you have idea, if there would be some nice way to browse/log JMS queues? (I'm using OpenJMS)

For topics I can just add one consumer more and that's about it but with queues I haven't finished with a solution yet. I would like to log all the messages in certain queues and topics without "popping" them from the queue (so that the logger counld browse queues "invisible").

With javax.jms.QueueBrowser i can get a snapshot of the queues but that doesn't seem to provide "listener solution" - reading all the messages on the queues on infinite loop again and again and hoping that no messages happen to be both written and consumed before my snapshots - that didn't sound like a good solution.

Another option would be to create two queues for each "logical queue" - one for logger and one for the actual use - logger would then forward the messages to the "actual queue" - that could maybe work but there could be better solution?

So if somebody has a solution to get all messages in a queue by an "invisible" logger or some nice other solution for the logging, that'd be cool.

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If you switch to Apache ActiveMQ (which is a much better & more popular open source JMS provider which also fully supports JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4) you get a number of alternatives for monitoring and browsing queues in particular you can just use the Web Console or JMX

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Even though for this particular case this wasn't possible (study assignment with JMS implementation restriction), in general ActiveMQ seems to be better choise, thanks. – Touko Jan 2 '09 at 10:37
+1 for AMQ. I've used it extensively and love it. – Kyle Hodgson Oct 11 '10 at 20:24

I was also looking for a solution and I came across an OSS project called Hermes ( I cannot vouch for it, but I am going to be trying it out. The home page makes mention of the ability to browse / search queues.

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