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I am implemeting a facebook application in rails using facebooker plugin, therefore it is very important to use this architecture if i want to update multiple DOM in my page. if my code works in a regular rails application it would work in my facebook application.

i am trying to use ajax to let the user know that the comment was sent, and update the comments bloc.


class CreateComments < ActiveRecord::Migration
 def self.up
    create_table :comments do |t|
      t.string :body


  def self.down
    drop_table :comments


class CommentsController < ApplicationController

  def index

 def create

  if request.xhr?
      render :json=>{:ids_to_update=>[:all_comments,:form_message],
               :all_comments=>render_to_string(:partial=>"comments" ),
               :form_message=>"Your comment has been added." }
    redirect_to comments_url



function update_count(str,message_id) {
if (len < 200) {
  $(message_id).innerHTML="<span style='color: green'>"+
    (200-len)+" remaining</span>";
} else {
  $(message_id).innerHTML="<span style='color: red'>"+
    "Comment too long. Only 200 characters allowed.</span>";

function update_multiple(json) {
for( var i=0; i<json["ids_to_update"].length; i++ ) {


<div id="all_comments" >
 <%= render :partial=>"comments/comments" %>

Talk some trash: <br />
<% remote_form_for,
  :success=>"update_multiple(request)" do |f|%>
<%= f.text_area :body,
 :onchange=>"update_count(this.getValue(),'remaining');" ,
%> <br />
<%= f.submit 'Post'%>
<% end %>

<p id="remaining" >&nbsp;</p>
<p id="form_message" >&nbsp;</p>

if i try to do alert(json) in the first line of the update_multiple function , i got an [object Object].

if i try to do alert(json["ids_to_update"][0]) in the first line of the update_multiple function , there is no dialog box displayed.

however the comment got saved but nothing is updated.

it seems like the object sent by rails is nil or cant be parsed by JSON.parse(json).

questions: can javascript and rails know that i am dealing with json objects?deos ROR sent it a object format or a text format?how can it check that the json object has been sent can i see what is the returned json?do i have to parse it?how? can i debug this problem? can i get it to work?

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