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I'm somewhat new to jQuery, so I could use some help here.

This is my issue:

I have a php script outputting a dynamic table. Each row has an "edit" button, plus some other fields. Only 3 of those need to be turned into an input box. The edit button should only put that specific row into "edit mode." I got as far as assigning each row a unique class by adding a number to the end of it.

I have been able to use jQuery to change all of the rows into edit mode, but I need it to be specific to a row.

An example row would have classes like name0, price0, and desc0. The next row would go on to classes name1, price1, and desc1 (for the fields that need changed). How can I reference these values and pass them to jQuery so it processes an event on just those elements?

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There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Dynamically creating the elements when the button is pressed; or

  2. Hiding and showing elements that already exist.

Too much DOM manipulation can be really slow (particularly on certain browsers) so I favour (2). So for example:

<table class="editable">
    <div class="view">two</div>
    <div class="edit"><input type="text"></div>
    <div class="view">three</div>
    <div class="edit"><input type="text"></div>
    <input type="button" class="edit" value="Edit">
    <input type="button" class="send" value="Send" disabled>
    <input type="button" class="cancel" value="Cancel" disabled>


table.editable div.edit { display: none; }


$(function() {
  $(":button.edit").click(function() {
    var row = $(this).closest("tr");
    row.find("input.view").attr("disabled", true");
    row.find("div.view").each(function() {
      // seed input's value
    }).fadeOut(function() { // fade out view
      row.find("div.edit").fadeIn(function() { // fade in edit
        row.find("input.edit").removeAttr("disabled"); // enable edit controls
  $(":button.cancel").click(function() {
    var row = $(this).closest("tr");
    row.find("input.edit").attr("disabled", true");
    row.find("div.edit").fadeOut(function() {
      row.find("div.view").fadeIn(function() {
  $(":button.save").click(function() {
    // ...
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