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I want to start a new project with Java;

In the past I used to start with Struts + Tiles; but tiles was very complicated; I don't know the latest version of Tiles;

I need your recommendations in details for a good GUI framework;


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There is no "best" framework... Indeed, "best" really depends on your needs, on your knwoledges (it can cost a lot of time to learn a new framework)...

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At first when I read GUI framework I thought you meant Swing or SWT but I see you mention struts so I guess you mean presentation framework.

I agree that Tapestry is very good, but there are several others that are also quite good. Struts2, Stripes etc. Matt Raible has a very nice project going where he did all the initial integration work for several different technologies. It is quite easy to get up and running with struts+spring+hibernate or JSF or Tapestry and so on. He calls it AppFuse.

I use struts2 with spring and hibernate and sitemesh which was an AppFuse project to start with and it has served me well.

Stripes seems to be a great starting point for a Java web app too. I haven't used it as yet but I'm tempted.

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I personally like Tapestry. I've only used version 4.1 but development time is way faster than JSP or JSF. It allows you to simply refresh pages to immediately see the changes you made without doing a deployment and uses actual HTML for the templates/pages so you can preview them without deploying any code at all. There is a little bit of a learning curve up front but its well worth it. Version 5.0 is in its final beta with a release candidate due out soon but I haven't tried it yet. It's also got pretty good and easy AJAX built in.

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