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I am trying to query a bittorrent tracker and am using unpack to get the list of IPs from the response. So, something like this:

$ip = unpack("N", $peers);
$ip_add = ($ip[1]>>24) . "." . (($ip[1]&0x00FF0000)>>16) . "." . (($ip[1]&0x0000FF00)>>8) . "." . ($ip[1]&0x000000FF);

But, for some reason, I am getting the following IP addresses when I print $ip_add:

Does anyone know what could be going wrong?

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use long2ip() to transform number back into ip

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You are a savior! Thanks a lot. Cannot accept as answer within 10 mins of posting :)In any case, could you tell me what was going wrong with my method? – Legend Apr 16 '10 at 4:08
you have to add 2^31 to $ip before calculations ($ip + pow(2, 31)) – zerkms Apr 16 '10 at 4:15
or $ip & 0x7FFFFFFF; – zerkms Apr 16 '10 at 4:18

As zerkms says, long2ip does what you want. To answer your question, >> is an arithmetic right shift (so named because $i >> $j is equivalent to the arithmetic expression i / 2j), which propagates the sign bit to preserve the sign of the number. That is, $i < 0 iff ($i >> $j) < 0. PHP doesn't have a logical shift (but you could define your own).

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I see... Understood. Thanks for the explanation. Will go through the info you've provided. +1 Appreciate it. – Legend Apr 16 '10 at 4:12

Try this

function decode_ip($str){
    $str = (float)($str);
    $ip = array(
        (int)($str/pow(2,16) & 0xFF),
        (int)($str/pow(2,8) & 0xFF),
        (int)($str & 0xFF)
    return join(".", $ip);

decode_ip("3225422716"); //

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