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I'm looking for an example of how to load an image from file and print it on a page using WPF. I'm having a hard time finding good information about WPF printing.

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var bi = new BitmapImage();
bi.CacheOption = BitmapCacheOption.OnLoad;
bi.UriSource = new Uri("");

var vis = new DrawingVisual();
var dc = vis.RenderOpen();
dc.DrawImage(bi, new Rect { Width = bi.Width, Height = bi.Height });

var pdialog = new PrintDialog();
if (pdialog.ShowDialog() == true) {
 pdialog.PrintVisual(vis, "My Image");
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Tamir ... its fine.... In case I need to print multiple images..., how can I achieve ? –  Uthistran Selvaraj. Aug 27 '13 at 6:44

Just load the image and apply it to a visual. Then use the PrintDialog to do the work.

PrintDialog printer = new PrintDialog();

if (printer.ShowDialog()) {
  printer.PrintVisual(myVisual, "A Page Title");
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If you want more control then PrintDialog.PrintVisual gives you you have to wrap your image in a FixedDocumet.

You can find simple code that creates a fixed document here:

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