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What is the cause of following error: QSqlDatabasePrivate::database: unable to open database: unable to open database file Error opening database?

Code is 100% correct, this message appeared when I have reinstalled Windows, Python and PyQt.

EDIT: I have "read-only" flag in folder with .db file properties. It stays gray (half-checked) when I unset it and open folder properties again. I have unset "use simple sharing" flag in folder properties, I have administrator rights, there is no viruses on my computer as I can see. This nasty problem doesn't have a solution on Super User too. How to set proper permissions for sqlite for this folder and file?

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The above error happens when:

  • Qt considers the database valid,
  • the database isn't open, AND
  • it is not able to open the database.

You can see from the following code in src/sql/kernel/qsqldatabase.cpp (as of 4.6.2):

QSqlDatabase QSqlDatabasePrivate::database(const QString& name, bool open)
    const QConnectionDict *dict = dbDict();

    QSqlDatabase db = dict->value(name);
    if (db.isValid() && !db.isOpen() && open) {
        if (!db.open())
            qWarning() << "QSqlDatabasePrivate::database: unable to open database:" << db.lastError().text();                                                                                                                                

    return db;

It looks like it's just failing to open the file. It could happen because of permissions, file location change, etc.

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Another reason for this problem might be the encoding of the path. Using unicode(name) solved it in my case.

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