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I am customizing the ajax html editor. I am creating a class which derives from ajax html editor, and overriding FillTopToolbar() method to have limited toolbar buttons. I am trying to use this in my aspx page.

<%@ Register namespace="Content" tagprefix="edit" %>
<edit:MyEditor runat="server" Width="100%" Height="250px"/>

I am able to see the editor in my aspx page. The problem comes when I give an ID to the control

<edit:MyEditor ID="htmlEditor" runat="server" Width="100%" Height="250px"/>

I get an error in the designer file in the below line.

protected global::Content.MYHTMLEditor htmlEditor;

I am not able to use it in code behind. I am using VS 2010. Please help me in this regard.

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I don't know if this will help but try putting this at the top of your code-behind file:

using AjaxControlToolkit.HTMLEditor;

Doing this I was able to create an editor programatticaly and access its members:

Editor tempEditor = new Editor();
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Check this link it will give you some idea how to customize the html editor control. http://www.java2s.com/Open-Source/CSharp/Web-Frameworks/nopCommerce/NopSolutions/NopCommerce/Web/NopHTMLEditor.cs.htm

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