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I need to do some printing using TPrinter. The problem is I can not, for various reasons, use Global object Printer.

I want to be able to create my instance of TPrinter and print using that one.

I tried with:

MyPrinter := TPrinter.Create;

but this generates AV.

Any idea what does it take to print something using my instance of TPrinter?

Regards Goran Nagy

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Why can't you use the global Printer? Are you printing multiple things at the same time to different printers? – Ken White Apr 16 '10 at 13:33

If you look at the soucre for printers, the AbortProc uses the global FPrinter object.
You can solve this by call Printer function before caling TPrinter.Create, then it dosn't generate a AccessViolation. It will posibly solve your problem, but MyPrinter.Abort wil NOT propoply not work correcty.

Telling why you can't use the global object, gives other users a posibility to suggest alternative solutions.

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The TPrinter object is not really designed to be created locally, but instead is designed to be used from the 'singleton' function Printer in the Printers unit. Generally you would use that.

From the help:

Use TPrinter to manage any printing performed by an application. Obtain an instance of TPrinter by calling the Printer function in the Printers unit.

Edit: Actually, having had a think you could do something like this:

procedure PrintThings;
  LMyPrinter: TPrinter;
  LOldPrinter: TPrinter;
  LMyPrinter := TPrinter.Create;
    LOldPrinter := SetPrinter(LMyPrinter);

      // your printing code goes here

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