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I'm having a table and i have a row which is initially set to the display property of 'none'

and i changing it to 'block' at some selection of value from my select box , at that point of time the row is not aligned properly. My two columns are set inside a single column of the above row?

but when i change it again to 'none' all the other rows are aligned correctly..

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We want your code :) – x2. Apr 16 '10 at 7:41
Can you supply some sample code please? – exhuma Apr 16 '10 at 7:42
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Instead of changing it to display:block; use display:table-row;.

Example here.


<table width="200" border="1">

  <tr style="display:table-row;">
    <td><span class="A">8:00 AM</span></td>
    <td><span class="B">Monday</span></td>
    <td><span class="C">Sept</span></td>

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This property worked great.. I tried it while learning a long time ago. Have to remember those things... :) – Vijay Apr 16 '10 at 9:16
I forget stuff all the time, easily done :) – Kyle Apr 16 '10 at 9:21

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