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I'd like to change language labels used in TinyMCE. E.g. "Überschrift 2" -> "Überschrift".

Im using the jQuery plugins version of TinyMCE.

Is there a way to overwrite those labels without editing the label files?

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yeah look for the 'langs' folder edit de.js.

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Isn't there a way to do that without editing the source files? I'd like to insert that into the script where I create the tinymce instances. – Fabrizio Apr 16 '10 at 8:48
i'm sure you could find a workaround and somehow edit the variables. But you cant just give them as params on the init. Best way is to edit the lng file. Make a custom one if you don't want to edit the standart file. – meo Apr 16 '10 at 9:58

It is possible. I've tested it at least for my own localization strings, using helpers geti18nstring() and set18nstring() handling tinymce.i18n property.

BTW, Here is the 'full' documentation http://www.tinymce.com/wiki.php/API3:property.tinymce.i18n of property. :) The rest of snippet is done using well-known agile pattern 'trust-the-source-Luke'.

// folder: plugins/mycustomtinymceplugin
// file: ./langs/en_dlg.js

tinyMCE.addI18n('en.mycustomtinymceplugin_dlg',{charts:"Some charts"});

// file: mycustomtinymceplugin.html <-- opened by ./editor_plugin.js#init ed.windowManager.open({file : url + '/mycustomtinymceplugin.html'

function geti18nstring( id )
    return tinymce.i18n[ tinymce.activeEditor.settings.language + '.mycustomtinymceplugin_dlg.' + id ];
function seti18nstring( id, i18nstring )
    //just for curiosity if you wan't to modify something in a plugin which is killed after modification
    if( geti18nString( id ) == i18nstring )
    alert( 'id['+id+'] was replaced already with [' + i18nstring +'].' );
    tinymce.i18n[ tinymce.activeEditor.settings.language + '.mycustomtinymceplugin_dlg.' + id ] = i18nstring;

function dostuffonpluginstart()
    //to get localized strings
    var charts_text = geti18nstring('charts');
    $('#chartlist').append( charts_text );
    //to manipulate localized strings
    seti18nstring( 'charts', 'karamba' );
    charts_text = geti18nstring('charts');
    $('#chartlist').append( charts_text )

<div id"chartlist"></div>
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Just found this question and I did it in the following way (using tinyMCE 4.1.x):

          language : 'en_GB',
          init_instance_callback : function(editor) {
              tinymce.i18n.data.en_GB['New window'] = 'Open in new tab or window';
              tinymce.i18n.data.en_GB.Target = 'Options';

What this does is override the defaults with your text after the editor has been initialised. No need to edit any lang files

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