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I need to pause for maybe 500 miliseconds before I submit a form. Here is what I have so far:

 $(".rowqty input").bind("keyup", function() { $("#ViewCartPage form").animate({ opacity: 1.0 }, 3000).submit() });

so when someone changes the quantity of the input field it submits the form, but I want it to wait for a slight amount of time incase they need a moment to type 2 or 3 numbers.

As you can see I tried the animate function to try and delay things but with no luck.

I know I could use this:

I'd rather not add another JS to my site if there is a way around it.

EDIT: Actually the pause plugin above is not working for me either.

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Give this a shot:

$(".rowqty input").bind("keyup", function() { setTimeout("$('#ViewCartPage form').submit()", 500 });
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worked like a charm - funny how I don't even think about regular JS anymore - DOH! – Slee Nov 5 '08 at 13:58
Better to use a function than a string:$(".rowqty input").bind("keyup", function() { setTimeout( function() { $('#ViewCartPage form').submit() }, 500 }); – Greg Nov 5 '08 at 14:09
thanks - code updated! – Slee Nov 5 '08 at 16:25
with 1.4 there is also the delay function that can be used. – DMin May 4 '10 at 10:10
setTimeout(function () {$("#formID").submit()},1000);

it works for me (no quotes)

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