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I want to read Emails through pop3. On my asp.net web page how to do let me know,

which control should I use for showing email?

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Dim pop3Client As Pop3Client
Dim i As Integer =1
pop3Client = New Pop3Client
pop3Client.Connect("pop.gmail.com", 995, True)
pop3Client.Authenticate("myname@gmail.com", "mypassword")
Dim inbox_count As Integer = pop3Client.GetMessageCount
Do While (inbox_count >= i)
Dim message As Message = pop3Client.GetMessage(i)
Dim messagePart As MessagePart = message.MessagePart.MessageParts(0)
messagePart.BodyEncoding.GetString(messagePart.Body)'give you message body
message.Headers.From.Address'give you from address
message.Headers.DateSent'date of mail send
message.Headers.Subject'subject of the mail
i= i + 1
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Here are a couple of libraries allowing you to retrieve messages from a POP3 server:

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@ Darin Dimitrov ,Can you give me please specific code or url ? I need like as www.pageflakes.com (email widget) –  leton Apr 16 '10 at 9:48
OpenPop worked really well for me –  Yogesh Jindal Mar 12 '12 at 21:19

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