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I have the following code in my controller

final ModelAndView m = new ModelAndView();
m.addObject("date", "15" );

In my view I have been able to output this by doing


However how can I print it out using out.print or assign it to a new variable e.g.

<% out.print( ${date} ) %>


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If I am not mistaken, it's:


so it will be:

<% out.println((Integer)pageContext.getAttribute("date")); %>

in your code.

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From within your jsp page, you can retrieve the value of date with:

Integer myDate = (Integer) request.getAttribute("date");
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You could use a little JSTL help to set the variable to the page scope.

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>


<c:set var="date" value="${date}"/>
    String date = (String) pageContext.getAttribute("date");
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