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My team working in a project using Winforms application(c#) & MSSQL 2005 as database.

When I searched the goggle,I found ELMAH, NLog & log4net.I didn't have enough knowledge to implement in Winforms application.

Please suggest any reference/library for writing Error Logging for Winforms application & to store in a remote database.

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My view is that you should read the docs on log4net. It's a very good logging tool that supports a variety of outputs.

It will log your information to a database with relative ease once you get initial configuration done.

Have a read at this link for a quick start:

Fast track to Log4Net

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I second this suggestion--I've personally used the SmtpAppenders to email error messages, ADO.Net appenders to log to databases, UDP Appenders for monitoring network apps, etc. Also, the ColoredConsoleAppender is awesome! –  nvuono Apr 25 '10 at 8:54

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