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We need to profile the JDBC operations of several web applications, number of queries, time spent, rows returned, ...

Have you used any free/commercial JDBC profiling tool? What are your experiences?

Thank you.

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I have never used it but have come across Elvyx. Again it has not been updated recently.

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You can use Jdbc spy:
It can be configured very easily and will provide information, which statements are executed, what are the statements with the longest duration, additional statistics about your connections, what statements are executed how often, etc.

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There is a JDBC profiler built in a JProfiler (go to Hotspots view -> JDBC), best thing I've seen so far...

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The only JDBC profiling tool that I know is P6Spy. Ancient but still works.

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Check out JAMon (Java Application Monitor) too. Also older, but works.

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