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How can I input text into TCHAR* argv[]?

OR: How can I convert from char to TCHAR* argv[]?

char randcount[] = "Hello world";

TCHAR* argv[];

argv = convert(randcount);
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TCHAR* argv[]=_T("HelloWorld"); Its showing error error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'const char [134]' to 'TCHAR *[]' –  Sijith Apr 16 '10 at 12:06
You are missing " at the beginning :-) apart from the TCHAR* argv[] is an array of TCHAR pointers and you are trying to assign a string to it. You need to something like this: TCHAR* argv[10]; argv[0]=_T("HelloWorld"); –  Naveen Apr 16 '10 at 12:09
i gave my code like this TCHAR* ptszFirstInFile = _T("sample1.asf") ; TCHAR* ptszSecondInFile = _T("sample2.asf") ; TCHAR* ptszOutFile = _T("xxxx.asf") ; NOw getting error cannot convert from 'const char [12]' to 'TCHAR *' –  Sijith Apr 16 '10 at 13:14

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One way to do is:

char a[] = "Hello world";
TCHAR* b = A2T(a);
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