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I am having one GtkVbox and I am adding it to GtkViewPort. View port is created from Glade file.

Now the problem is that my vbox keeps updating on every second (I keep adding widgets to vbox on every second) this vbox but my screen did not get updated as add widgets to my vbox.

I can't create new vbox every time as I need to keep previously added widgets in vbox.

How can I tell GtkViewPort to refresh list when I add new widgets to my GtkVBox?

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Make sure you also call gtk_widget_show() on any widgets you add, or even gtk_widget_show_all() if what you add can have sub-widgets.

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My mistake....actually i have not called gtk_widget_show on view port. Thanks for reply. –  A_user Apr 16 '10 at 13:17

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