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I'm trying to move a folder by renaming it. Both the test1 and test2 folders already exist.


The error I get is: rename(...): No such file or directory

I assume this is because the directory "xxx1" does not exist. How can I move the test1 directory anyway?

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You might need to create the directory it is going into, e.g.

$toName = "test2/xxx1/xxx2";

if (!is_dir(dirname($toName))) {
    mkdir(dirname($toName), 0777, true);

rename("test1", $toName);

The third parameter to mkdir() is 'recursive', which means you can create nested directories with one call.

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Won't the rename fail if the directory already exists? Both "xxx1" and "xxx2" are directories, and the second parameter might as well be "xxx2/"... – Workoholic Apr 16 '10 at 15:05
it will fail if the target $toName exists, but wouldn't you have had that problem with your original code anyway? – Tom Haigh Apr 16 '10 at 15:15

Why not make sure all parent directories exist first, by making them? mkdir - use the recursive parameter.

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You must create her directory tree.

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I think test2/xxx1 would need to exist, so you'd need to use mkdir before you move it.

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