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In Visual Studio 2010 (just upgraded), in standard Web Application projects (everything) I cannot finish writing <element style="">. Text input is impossible as soon as I get to style=" . Some kind of text editor bug.

Is there a fix?

EDIT: I've noticed this seems related to having horizontal/vertical Tab Groups open.

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Here's a page with some known issues for VS2010 Beta and hotfixes :… – rlb.usa Apr 16 '10 at 16:22

@rlb: There is no mention of anything related to this issue on that MSDN blog page...

@Joel: I have the same issue as you. Are you by chance using Resharper? I am, and my colleages who are not using it don't have this problem. Check out this page.

My work-around (until I find something better) is to copy the element with all its attributes from Visual Studio to a text editor, edit the style attribute in the text editor, then copy the whole thing back to Visual Studio, pasting over the still-selected element. Not exactly the most elegant, but better than not being able to edit inline styles — or giving up resharper...

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My current work-around:

  1. Format code (CTRL-K,D)
  2. Undo

FIX: Installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1 has not fixed the issue. EDIT: Formatting code does not always work. Perhaps it is a content encoding issue.

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