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Has anyone setup JSF1.1 with Ajax4JSF on websphere 6.1 ? I followed the instructions as mentioned in the developer guide . The problem that I am facing is that once I use a4j:support on any of my h:inputText item, the form values are not getting set in the backing bean on the submission of the form. I do have <h:messages> tag present just above the form so that all the problems should be reported there but I do not see any error message once I submit the form. But I do see that the values are not getting set. I need to find the solution as early as possible otherwise I probably have to throw the ajax4jsf framework and write javascripts instead :(


Sometimes when I am producing ajax messages by some event like onkeyup, I get the following error (this does not come always but at times) -

Request Error:status : 500 Internal Server Error Message: undefined.

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why would you use such old versions of the libraries/application server? –  Bozho Apr 16 '10 at 20:31
Because WAS 6.1 does not support JSF1.2 –  GaZ Oct 7 '10 at 10:57

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