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I have to set a select date field with the month and day discarded. So Month and day are hidden in the form which caused a "undefined method `options' for # (NoMethodError)" when executing the cucumber scenario.

How can i solve this issue and get the year correctly into the cucumber step ?

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well i found a solution : Define my own cucumber steps into which i use the webrat set_hidden_field method like this :

When /^I select "([^\"]*)" as the stuff year$/ do |arg1|
  date = Date.parse(arg1)
  set_hidden_field 'stuff_year_2i', :to => date.day
  set_hidden_field 'stuff_year_3i', :to => date.month
  select(date.year, :from => 'stuff_year_1i')

Hope this can help someone

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Does this work for checking the existence of a hidden field too? –  scaney Apr 20 '10 at 13:30

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