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At the top of my tex document, I set my sourcecode listing format by

\lstset{numbers=left, numberstyle=\tiny, numbersep=5pt, breaklines=true}  
\lstset{emph={square}, emphstyle=\color{red}, emph={[2]root,base}, emphstyle {[2]\color{blue}}}

because I merely list Java source code. At one point in my document, I had to reformat for a single listing by

\lstset{literate={!=} {$\neq$}{2}}

Now I have the problem that my previous Java formatting for listings is destroyed, and I dont know how to reset the lst settings to default. How can this be avoided?

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If you need to modify only one listing, you can pass the options as an optional argument:


will only affect that particular listing.

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How can I disable numbers localy? –  jcubic Apr 5 '14 at 19:01

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