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I have a spring container running, and I have class with which I want to have access to the bean created inside spring container. The class I have is not registered with the spring container.

One thing I can do is that I can use MethodInvoker to call a static method, so I will have access to static field (this would be a bean from spring container) in my class always.

Do we have class like WebapplicationContextUtils for a application that is not web?

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You can implement ApplicationContextAware

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+1, but please provide links to newer version of the libraries. – Bozho Apr 16 '10 at 20:47
Sorry. I didn't notice that this was old version. Here is newest:… – Michał Mech Apr 16 '10 at 21:18
I can't do this actually. Because the bean I am talking about is not registered with Spring container. I am looking forward to using a factory class which would give me access to spring container with some static method. – Antony Apr 18 '10 at 15:26

Why don't you provide a static getInstance() method in your Spring-managed bean which allows objects outside of the Spring IOC container to grab an instance of that object? Your Spring managed object most likely will be a singleton so this should work nicely.

For example:

public class MyObj {

  private static instance = null;

  public MyObj() {
    instance = this;

  public static MyObj getInstance() {
    return instance;


public class OutsideSpringObj {

  public doSomething() {
    MyObj springManagedObj = MyObj.getInstance();
    if (springManagedObj != null) {
      // do something with spring-managed object
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