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I'm using glob function for a autocompletion function. I'm showing you the problem because it's difficult to explain:

matched = ~/.tcsh
glob(matched, 0, NULL, &pglob);

glob put all matched files in a char ** and when I print it I have:

case[0] = .tcshrc
case[1] = 

I should have .tcshrc~ in case[1], but nothing =S, I've seen a flag "GLOB_TILDE" like this "

 glob(matched, GLOB_TILDE, NULL, &pglob);

But it doesn't change anything! Can someone help me?

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Are you sure you want this question tagged with the C# tag? –  Fredrik Mörk Apr 16 '10 at 20:04
This question is confusing at best. What is case[0]? –  Earlz Apr 16 '10 at 20:07
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The GLOB_TILDE flag only affects the output when the ~ appears at the beginning of the glob. See here:


As for your problem, it appears to me that your matched value is wrong. Seems like you should be sticking a * at the end of it for it to be useful for autocompletion, i.e.:

matched = ~/.tcsh*

I'm a little bit confused as how your previous example found even the first one. The bottom part of this man page article has some interesting examples too:


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